Survivor Support

What We Do

STAR® provides supportive services to survivors to reduce their experience of trauma. Our advocacy, counseling and legal services are available to youth and adult survivors of sexual violence at no cost, and are intended to assist you at any stage of your healing.

Our staff creates a safe, supportive, confidential environment where survivors are welcomed and supported. At STAR®, we believe that every survivor has the right to services, regardless of their background, gender, race, ethnicity, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or decision to report. You are eligible for services no matter how much time has passed since the assault.

Please call 855-435-STAR (1-855-435-7827) if you would like help with the following:

  • Understanding and moving past the trauma of sexual assault
  • Navigating the criminal and civil legal systems
  • Developing plans to keep you safe
  • Accompaniment to medical exams, law enforcement interviews and court proceedings
  • Legal representation and assistance in matters related to your sexual trauma

Our staff is here to support you and your loved ones throughout the healing process. Click here for our locations.

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Why We Are Here

The presence of an organization like STAR® has a tremendous impact on a community. Because sexual violence remains largely hidden in our communities due to the shame, stigma and taboo associated with the experience, STAR® promotes awareness of the issue to the public at large and serves as a beacon for survivors to seek help and refuge. As one of our clients put it:

“You never know how important an organization like STAR is until you experience something as unexpected and horrifying as a sexual assault; then, you don’t know how you would make it through without them.”

Trauma can fundamentally alter a person’s worldview and diminish their sense of hope and possibility, effects which are compounded by isolation and a lack of support in the aftermath of trauma. STAR® strives to be a beacon of light and hope for survivors, providing immediate and long-term reminders that they are not alone, that someone understands, believes them and cares about what happens to them.  

Similarly, the belief that sexual violence is inevitable affects a community’s worldview and sense of hope and possibility. Our presence creates a community that is not just more informed about sexual trauma, but more hopeful about the possibility of ending sexual violence. Where there once seemed to be darkness and dead ends, STAR® strives diligently to light a way forward.

The Importance of Confidentiality

We believe that confidentiality is the foundation of our services to survivors. We observe confidentiality within our agency as required by professional ethics and/or Louisiana and Federal law. Information is not provided outside of STAR® by advocates, clinicians, or attorneys unless:

  1. We have the client’s written permission.
  2. We believe it is necessary to prevent clear and imminent danger to the client or others.
  3. The client indicates to a mandatory reporter on staff that there is reasonable cause to believe that a child, dependent adult, or a vulnerable elderly person was abused or neglected.

Your advocate, counselor, or attorney will explain any limits they may have to keep your information completely confidential. Please ask if that information is not provided to you before talking with anyone at STAR®.

Tell Us How We Are Doing

We thrive on feedback. Please take a moment to share your experience with us by completing an anonymous client satisfaction survey.

STAR® is intended as a safe space for survivors of sexual trauma and their loved ones. In an instance where you feel that your experience with STAR® has been unsatisfactory, you are encouraged to discuss the matter with your advocate or counselor first, then with management if further action is needed. Please contact our Vice President of Survivor Services, Alix Tarnowsky, LCSW, MBA to report any grievances or to give any feedback about your experience; she can be contacted at or by calling (504) 407-0711 ext 405.

Violence Against Women Act

STAR® is a recipient of Federal VAWA funds; therefore, any person who believes that they have experienced discrimination by STAR® may file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). OCR has authority to investigate complaints alleging a violation of the VAWA nondiscrimination grant condition. To file a discrimination complaint, please download and complete the Complaint Verification Form (CVF) and the Identity Release Statement (IRS) and return both forms to OCR at the following address: Office for Civil Rights, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, 810 7th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20531.

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