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Rebecca Neal

Resource Advocate, New Orleans

Rebecca Neal was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana. Much of her family is from Wisconsin, and she moved to Madison, WI in 2013, where she got a B.A. in Anthropology & Religious Studies from UW-Madison. During college, she began volunteering on a local Rape Crisis Hotline, where she developed a passion for advocating for trauma survivors and their support people. After graduating, she worked in emergency housing programs for homeless women & children, and domestic violence survivors in Madison, before moving to New Orleans in Spring 2018 to join the family, make a fresh start and focus her career on advocating for survivors of sexual violence.

Becca joined STAR in June 2018 as a Part-Time Medical Advocate and transitioned to being a Resource Advocate in October. She is excited for the opportunity to continue promoting healing and justice for survivors, and to develop the skills and experience needed to make positive change and advocate for an end violence and rape culture everywhere.

Email: rebecca.neal@star.ngo
Phone: (504) 407-0711

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