Over the past several years, STAR® has received an increase in requests from institutions, businesses and organizations to provide our quality training and resources to help further their initiatives to improve their workplace cultures through the development of policies, procedures, and training.

This led us to identify an unmet need in our communities to offer STAR® services on a larger scale to make an even bigger impact to achieve our mission. As a result, STAR® has launched consulting services for institutions, businesses, and organizations. 


Prevention is protection


With increased national attention focused on sexual misconduct on college campuses and workplace harassment in industries across the U.S., there is an urgent opportunity to more effectively mitigate institutional risk and create safer and more supportive organizational cultures.

STAR® has several options available to help your workplace thrive, whether you’re running a small organization, a major corporation or university, or anything in between.


What we offer


Training Programs

We provide training to employees and leaders on various topics, including:

  • Workplace harassment intervention and prevention
  • Building a positive work culture
  • Managing conflict in the workplace
  • Responding to disclosures of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace
  • Understanding the continuum of behaviors that are considered sexual violence and its impacts on individuals and organizations 
  • The neurobiology of trauma and its impacts on individuals 

For a full list of our trainings, please visit our Education and Training page.


Organizational Support

Training is just the first step to preventing workplace harassment. We can take you beyond compliance-based approaches to help you effectively prevent and address workplace harassment and sexual misconduct.

  • Policy and procedure audits
  • Anti-harassment policy development
  • Coaching for leaders and managers


Contact us today to learn more. Email or call (225) 615-7093 for more information about our consulting services. 


STAR® is not your typical consulting company


For years, STAR® has earned a reputation of providing exceptional and award-winning services to survivors of sexual trauma, as well as businesses and organizations. As a nonprofit, we provide confidential, nonjudgmental services to survivors of sexual trauma, and we extend this approach to working with companies by assessing their unique needs and providing custom solutions to challenges. 

As an industry leader, STAR® is equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and motivation to help your business expand its efforts to create safer work environments through our training and operational support services. 

The funding STAR® receives from our consulting services goes directly to supporting our mission and ensuring that our services to survivors in our community are provided at no cost.



In the Press


STAR expands training programs for employers
June 2, 2020
Baton Rouge Business Report


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